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Carpet and rug cleaning in Adelaide for over 25 years means that we really know our stuff!

Specializing in residential & commercial carpet cleaning, stain removal, fabric protection, rug and runner cleaning and dust mite treatment. Colonial carpet care has a variety of services packaged under 3 different price levels, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The table below outlines the differences in procedure between the 3 levels.

carpet and rug cleaning in Adelaide

Calculating the price you pay is easy. Just choose the type of service you require from the table above and then price the cost of the job, based on how many rooms you want cleaned, from the relevant price list below:

Other Services


Dry cleaning - Refer to the Gold service pricing table above.

Rug cleaning - Available in Silver, Gold and Platinum services. Prices vary depending on size, contact us for a quote.

Stair cleaning - Based on how many steps you need cleaned. Contact us for a quote.


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