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Gold service clean


Our Gold service clean is a 6 stage carpet cleaning method suitable for carpets with medium to heavy soiling. Definitely the peoples choice and it is our most popular cleaning method. Excellent stain and tracking removal and fast drying times for a deep lasting clean!!

STAGE 1. The carpet is thoroughly vacuumed using an industrial vacuum cleaner to easily remove loose particles before any moisture is added.

gold service clean

STAGE 2. Any stains or marks on the carpet are pretreated. Solvents may be used to dislodge oily or greasy marks, and heavy sugary stains are pre-dissolved to prevent any -of these marks after cleaning.

STAGE 3. The carpet is pre-sprayed with an anionic non foaming ph balanced carpet cleaning detergent with a built in deodorizing fragrance to loosen soils.

gold service clean

The carpet shampoo is agitated through the carpet using a soft brush or pad on the bottom of a floor polisher to work the cleaning agents through the carpet and get them below the surface of the pile. This process loosens the soils prior to hot water extraction.

gold service clean

The carpet is then hot water extracted (commonly known as steam cleaned) with hot clean water to remove the carpet cleaning solution containing the soils and pollutants in suspension. This leaves the carpets looking and smelling, fresh and clean, and free of any residues that may promote re-soiling

gold service clean

STAGE 6. The carpet is finally raked to lift the pile and promote a quicker drying time and a more even appearance.

gold service clean


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