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Carpet or upholstery protection



Carpet or upholstery protection is an essential part of protecting your carpets, rugs and upholstery from the rigors of everyday life. Dirty hands, feet, and those unexpected spillages can easily and quickly soil or stain fabric.

Getting them fabric protected is like having an invisible shield. It guards against these kinds of problems.

If you are considering purchasing or have purchased a new lounge suite or carpet then call us!

We can give you an accurate quote on your carpet or upholstery protection.

3 good reasons why you should use us to apply your carpet or upholstery protection

  • In the majority of cases you will get the job cheaper, than when applied in a store.  They carry large overheads that have to be passed onto the customer.
  • In the case of a lounge suite or dining chairs, getting carpet or upholstery protection applied on your own premises is a good idea. It means that you can see that the protection is actually being applied by an ACCI trained technician. You can ask questions and be well informed. When it’s applied in store you have no idea who is applying it. If the right equipment is being used. You don’t even really know if it’s even actually being applied.
  • We can advise on how to maintain your carpets or upholstery once the application is done. We can educate on how to deal with common stains and spills, and what the best maintenance method or schedule suits you. This is after all our area of expertise!


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